Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Rowan loves bath time:) Rowan and Eamon have the best time in the bath when we go visit or they come visit us. I haven't gotten too many pictures of them, though. Next time they come over or we go over there, I'll have to get a picture of them splashing.

Rowan will always pull the drain plug out. I keep putting it in. He keeps pulling it out. He tries to put it back sometimes, but he can't quite get it in just right.

I showed him how to blow out in the bathtub, and he just immediately did it too! I'm very proud of him. He'll, hopefully, be a good little swimmer.

I think he's teething again...

The faucet water must be delicious...
By the way, have you seen those teeth? He's got four of them now:)

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Ali said...

He looks so grown with teeth!!!