Sunday, February 22, 2009

Messin' Around

We got home early enough for there to still be some light in Rowan's room. So we decided to take a couple of pictures (which turned into about 100, as usual).

He loves those feet these days;)

I love those eyelashes!

Jennie gave me my hat:)

He looks so grown up in those pictures. Funny how in this one below (without the hat), he's back to being a little baby:)

This weekend

We went to Huntsville this weekend to visit Grammy and Grandaddy. We had quite a good time, but I forgot to get out my camera until today. Yesterday we had a great time. We had great BBQ ribs that Grandaddy made (and some really tasty homemade peach ice cream). We always have something yummy to look forward to in Huntsville.
Grammy had some toys from when Daddy was a baby. Rowan had a good time playing with these.

Unfortunately the picture below is the only one I got of Grandpa. Rowan was giving him lots of smiles, but my lens was just not wide enough.
Look, I can stand up!

Daddy and Grammy got a couple of pictures of me with Rowan. Daddy and Rowan had a good time just lying around.

This balloon that Grandma got from Grandaddy played music. Rowan was pretty enthralled.

Shadow wished we'd just tone it down some.

Last Weekend

Last weekend we went to my uncle, Gene's, wedding. They got married at St. Michael's church in Anniston. The church is very old and very beautiful. I didn't take too many pictures because I felt a bit conspicuous with my camera. But hopefully other family got a few that I might be able to post soon. It was a very sweet wedding. We had a wonderful time.

These flowers were gorgeous!

After the wedding, we went back to Dad's house. Dad and Twyla went to Atlanta for their anniversary, and we had an awesome time playing Scrabble at the house with Em, Alex, and Olivia.

Even Rowan got into the game.

We used all the letters. Very impressive;)

Sunday we went outside for a walk and some fresh air.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Grandmothers Galore!

Saturday Grandmommy came for a visit. It was a beautiful weekend, unusually warm for this time of year. So we went to the Botanical Gardens for a stroll.

We went to the Japanese Gardens. Rowan couldn't take his eyes off the Goldfish.

Sunday Grammy came to visit Rowan.

Rowan saw Daddy across the room.
Here he comes...He's getting closer..
Rowan loves his Daddy!Because it was also beautiful today, we decided to go back to the Botanical Gardens.