Sunday, February 22, 2009

This weekend

We went to Huntsville this weekend to visit Grammy and Grandaddy. We had quite a good time, but I forgot to get out my camera until today. Yesterday we had a great time. We had great BBQ ribs that Grandaddy made (and some really tasty homemade peach ice cream). We always have something yummy to look forward to in Huntsville.
Grammy had some toys from when Daddy was a baby. Rowan had a good time playing with these.

Unfortunately the picture below is the only one I got of Grandpa. Rowan was giving him lots of smiles, but my lens was just not wide enough.
Look, I can stand up!

Daddy and Grammy got a couple of pictures of me with Rowan. Daddy and Rowan had a good time just lying around.

This balloon that Grandma got from Grandaddy played music. Rowan was pretty enthralled.

Shadow wished we'd just tone it down some.

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My Endo Journey said...

He's getting to have such a big personality it seems!!!