Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rolling Rowan

Rowan has started rolling over! He rolls from his back to his tummy, and then he can't seem to get back over to his back again, and he gets frustrated. It's made changing his diaper much more of a challenge! 

Also last night, I fed him a bottle in the car at Auto Zone as I was getting a new battery put in. I have never given him a bottle before, so that was kind of funny. But he reached up and grabbed the bottle and held it. I let go and everything, and he was just holding it there! I don't know if he's been doing this or not at daycare as he doesn't usually get a bottle at home. But I was pretty impressed. 

I'll try to get a video of Rowan rolling over so I can post it here:)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One more video

I found this video on my Flip video recorder. This was about a month ago. We went to Whole Foods, and after we had walked around the store for a bit, we stopped at the cafe to get something to eat. Rowan fell sound asleep sitting up in his Daddy's lap.

Christmas Tree trip

Here are a couple of videos I forgot to post from our trip to buy a Christmas tree. There's not much to them except that Rowan looks pretty cute all bundled up:)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

New pictures

A very "Rowan" face. Sometimes he can be so serious...

Rowan is very ticklish now in his ribs, around his neck, on his tummy. He'll sometimes do an all over chuckle if you get him just right...

Those fingers are constantly in his mouth now. Sometimes he takes his pacifier out so he can get his fingers in...

This blanket with the stars is his new favorite blanket. I think he finds it very comforting.

Merry Christmas!

Rowan's First Christmas

Well, it was exhausting. But I think it went well:) Clarence pointed out to me that we are very lucky to be able to see so many people we love in one day.

We started off the trip with a visit to Huntsville. We arrived around noon on Christmas Eve, and we visited for awhile and then had a very delicious lunch around 2:30 or 3:00. After lunch we opened presents. Here are some pictures.

Grandpa got the old black and white version of Scrooge. Very scary, but unfortunately this year we did not have time to watch it. Maybe next year..

Shannon and Rowan are both interested in Grandpa's gift.

A cute little outfit from Grandma...

Andrew gave Rowan a teddy bear for Christmas. I had a picture of Andrew with Rowan and Grandma, but it was so blurry, so I couldn't use it.

Christmas morning we got up early because Santa Claus had visited Andrew and Rowan (and a couple of other folks). Grandma got Rowan an adorable little Christmas outfit with puppies on the feet. Oh how we love puppies on the feet in this house. Here are Rowan and Grandma in their Christmas attire:)

After some present opening and strada eating at Grandma and Grandpa's, we loaded up the car and headed down to Anniston to see Grandmommy Glenda and the family.

Here is Lindsey with Rowan (I don't think you can see it here, but his bib says, "Rowan's first Christmas". Grandma made it for him)...

Rowan and Aunt Kathi...

Rowan and Grandmommy. I have the hardest time getting clear pictures of my mom and Rowan. I'm sorry, Mom! Hopefully I can get some better ones soon..

Uncle Jerry and Rowan checking out some soft stacking rings that Rowan got for Christmas...

Dirty Santa was hilarious! And Rowan sat in mom's lap and watched the whole time very happy and interested.

After visiting with Grandmommy and family, it was time to head over to Grandmother's house. We were ready for more food and present opening.
Unfortunately by the end of the evening, I had worn out and didn't get a whole lot of pictures.
A cute little onesie from Allen and Anastasia...

Uncle Harry with Rowan and Alex...
After present opening and dinner (and an engagement announcement from my Uncle Gene!!!), we went back to Dad's house where we opened one more round of presents with Alex and Olivia and Rowan.
Here is Rowan playing under one of his presents (a "gym" with all sorts of dangling items to look at)...

It was a wonderful Christmas. Thank you to all our family for our wonderful gifts and for a wonderful time. We love you!!!!

Oh Christmas Tree

We went up to Huntsville the Sunday before Christmas to help with decorating the tree. It was a very nice time, and I think Rowan enjoyed spending time with Grandma, Grandpa and Shannon.

He really likes to look at the lights and the ornaments on the tree.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More Thanksgiving Pictures

My Aunt Sarah sent some more pictures from Thanksgiving. Here is one of the whole family:)

Aunt Patty holding Rowan
Our little fam

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend fun

We had a wonderful weekend. I'm just so sad it's over already.

Friday night we went to get our Christmas tree. I have a little video of that for later. But first Saturday. Mom and Quinn came by for a visit and to watch the Alabama game. Quinn's an Alabama fan since he went to school there, so he and Rowan watched for a short while together. However, we don't want Rowan cheering for Alabama for too long.

Then there's a picture of me with Rowan. I realized I don't have many of those.

We have this little seat called a Bumbo seat. Today I put Rowan in, and he really seemed to like it. He very much enjoys being able to look around at everything, and he seemed to enjoy this for that reason. But I didn't leave him in for too long.

Rowan loves to listen to you talk. He will stare right into your eyes and listen to every word you say. Certain words or phrases will make him smile and even laugh. He loves when Clarence says, "Mule"...who knows? Also he likes when I make certain sounds and exaggerated voice and facial features, like "Ba, ba, ba" or when I ask, "Do you have a dirty diaper?"

Playing with Daddy:)

Friday, December 5, 2008


I'm back at work now:( And I miss Rowan terribly. But maybe I'll get some new pictures this weekend!