Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rolling Rowan

Rowan has started rolling over! He rolls from his back to his tummy, and then he can't seem to get back over to his back again, and he gets frustrated. It's made changing his diaper much more of a challenge! 

Also last night, I fed him a bottle in the car at Auto Zone as I was getting a new battery put in. I have never given him a bottle before, so that was kind of funny. But he reached up and grabbed the bottle and held it. I let go and everything, and he was just holding it there! I don't know if he's been doing this or not at daycare as he doesn't usually get a bottle at home. But I was pretty impressed. 

I'll try to get a video of Rowan rolling over so I can post it here:)


azylee said...

Oh you just wait! This is just the beginning! In no time he'll be rolling all around the room.

Anonymous said...

These new pictures are so cute! Esp love the shirtless Santa hat. It was so nice to see you guys in person over the holiday. xo Trish

Ali said...

Big stuff!!!