Friday, January 23, 2009

Last weekend - MLK weekend

What a nice weekend we had:) We had lots of company with Allison and Weston in town. We also had Trish, Rachel and Nathan and the girls from out of town. It was so great to see everybody!

Rowan went to his first birthday party - you can see pics on Amy's blog. Eamon turned 1 on January 11th! He had a great time with his first cupcakes. It was fun to watch him smear all the icing everywhere:)

We went on another hike on Sunday, and Rowan still seems to really enjoy being outside. And Monday Em and I went on a walk in her neighborhood which is a great area for walking.
Here's Allison:)

Kristi helping to get him all warm and cozy.

Here are Em and Rowan after our walk on Monday

Rowan has his hands constantly in his mouth now. In fact, he tries to put anything and everything in his mouth. We think he's maybe teething? But it seems like we've thought he was teething for months.

His eyelashes have gotten so long....

I love this little crazy smile he sometimes does!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New President!

Tuesday we listened to Obama's speech on the drive home. I had watched it at work, but my internet stream was a bit patchy. It was a pretty amazing day; I felt like Rowan and I were listening to history in the making. Of course, Rowan didn't understand and cried through most of it:) I am hopeful that change really will come and that the future of our economy and our country in general won't be nearly as bleak as it sometimes seems these days. I am very excited for this election, and I hope that Rowan will grow up to think that having a president of any race, gender or religious backgrounnd is perfectly normal, not even something to be noteworthy.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Video from hike this weekend

Here is a video from our hike on the 11th. Not much to it, but you get the idea of the day. It was cold. haha. Very cold:) And then we ran out of battery.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hikes and other fun stuff

We started out the new year right by being outside in the fresh air. On January 1st, we went on Rowan's first hike with Mom and Quinn out at Oak Mountain.
Rowan loves to look out, so the front carrier is where it's at for him.
A babbling brook.
The excitement was perhaps a little too much:)

He woke up happy with Mom (Grandmommy) talking to him.Here's Mom talking to Rowan.And here is his response.When we got home, I got a few more pictures of Mom and Rowan that weren't blurry for once!

We went hiking again this past weekend (January 11th - Happy Birthday Eamon and Rae). This time it was Emily, Clarence, Rowan, Laney, Sophie, and me. We had a lovely time, but I did not bring my camera because, for the most part, I had Laney on the leash and feared somehow dropping it (the camera, that is). But we had a great time. The dogs played, Rowan looked around and took in the world. It was great fun. But this time, he got fussy towards the end, and Clarence had to carry him on his side so he could fall asleep. But we were almost at the end when he started to fuss, so I'd say he's still a big fan.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Doctor's appointment

Clarence took Rowan to the doctor today. He weighs 11.2lbs. He is 24 inches long. Actually he is measuring average in every sense of the word. He's doing great and seems very healthy! We were very happy to hear that.