Friday, January 23, 2009

Last weekend - MLK weekend

What a nice weekend we had:) We had lots of company with Allison and Weston in town. We also had Trish, Rachel and Nathan and the girls from out of town. It was so great to see everybody!

Rowan went to his first birthday party - you can see pics on Amy's blog. Eamon turned 1 on January 11th! He had a great time with his first cupcakes. It was fun to watch him smear all the icing everywhere:)

We went on another hike on Sunday, and Rowan still seems to really enjoy being outside. And Monday Em and I went on a walk in her neighborhood which is a great area for walking.
Here's Allison:)

Kristi helping to get him all warm and cozy.

Here are Em and Rowan after our walk on Monday

Rowan has his hands constantly in his mouth now. In fact, he tries to put anything and everything in his mouth. We think he's maybe teething? But it seems like we've thought he was teething for months.

His eyelashes have gotten so long....

I love this little crazy smile he sometimes does!

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noreading said...

That last one is so adorable! Can't stand it. Love the colors in the close ups.

XO Trish