Monday, November 30, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Today at 2:00 (1:00 Central), some very good friends are going to have a prayer service for the loss of their baby son. I have wanted to talk about him here. I just could not find the words, and really there are no words that are going to make it better or take away the hurt. So I just want them to know that we love them. We are thinking about them today, and I also know they would appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and positive energy you could send their way.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Fun

On Saturday, Clarence went on an off-road advenutre, and Rowan and I went over to Irondale to the Irondale Cafe ("the original Whistle Stop Cafe") to meet up with Dad, Em, Alex, and Liv. We had a nice lunch and then went to watch the trains.

But Rowan was more interested in Grandaddy's glasses (please excuse the sweet potato on his chin).

Waving bye-bye at the train -

We then headed over to the Bass Pro Shop. They had a nice grassy area that Rowan enjoyed.

Sunday we threw housework to the wind and took off on a spontaneous adventure to Mentone to meet up with Mom and Quinn. These little adventures are always so much fun for us. It's something Clarence and I have always enjoyed...the small road trips to find the little treasures. It had been a long time since I'd gone to Mentone, and Clarence had never been. It is really a neat place, and we hope to go back this spring.
Rowan's started doing this little scrunchy nose smile.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Investigator Meeting, Coral Gables, FL

I had a conference in Coral Gables, Florida last week and through the weekend. It was actually a pretty good conference, and it was even better because Em got to go with me!

The hotel was gorgeous and historic. I think it's a wonderful place to go on vacation, but probably better to go for business because it was a wee bit pricey for me.

We went to this very tasty restuarant, Ortanique in Coral Gables, and we explored the little town some. Lots of wedding shops everywhere there! Seriously, on ever corner there's a bridal store, stationary, etc.

Back at the hotel (this fountain made quite the white noise for sleeping).

Our room was in the middle right above that palm tree (the one that's all lit up).

Room with a view -

We're all business -

This Italian restuarant in the courtyard of the hotel was the best dinner I've had out in a LONG time...and the best glass of wine I've ever had - Emeritus.

Em and I liked to sleep with the balcony door open (it was so nice listening to the palm trees swaying in the breeze and the fountain made such nice white noise), but we couldn't keep it from banging open or slamming shut. Sooooo, we rigged up a luggage strap and towel contraption;)