Sunday, June 28, 2009

Huntsville and Andrew's birthday, June 13th Weekend

The weekend in reverse: I loaded the pictures in the wrong order. It would take me forever to redo, so I'll start from Sunday and move backwards.

Before we had to head back to Birmingham on Sunday, we spent some relaxing time on the screened-in porch listening to the rain and talking with Grammy and Shannon. Grammy had driven Grandaddy to the airport earlier in the afternoon after a very nice lunch of Dreamland BBQ.

Rowan was giving Shannon some love:)

Grammy was giving Rowan some love

and some laughs too....

Note the book...

Earlier in the morning, Rowan had a great time playing with this stick. It had little leaves on the end. He was sweeping it, slapping it, rubbing it along the screen on the porch.

The rain was coming down softly, lulling everyone to sleep - except for Rowan. But he was pretty quiet playing with the stick, quiet enough that Clarence and Shannon took a nap.

Sunday morning, Shannon and Rowan...

Saturday night we went to Bridge Street. It's sort of like the Summit here in Birmingham except WAY cooler;) It's got more of a village design and "canals" or lagoons running around it. They have a lot of entertainment including live music, merry-go-round, gondola rides.
We spent a nice evening just strolling around, and we finished the night at Chocolate Crocodile. Here's Rowan and Grandpa. He's excited about the Chocolate Crocodile too;)

Clarence, Grandpa, and Rowan are watching the gondolas go under the bridge.

We had sushi for dinner. We see a lot of this lately (followed by "uh-oh"). haha.

We celebrated Father's Day Saturday late afternoon after Andrew's party.
Andrew opens his presents...

Mmm...birthday cake! :)

Happy Birthday to Andrew

Andrew and his friend (and Clarence and Grandpa) played a game of horseshoes
Birthday lunch. Hamburgers and hotdogs for us. Ribs for Andrew. Prunes for Rowan. Nice.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Mom's visit (June 12)

Mom came to visit. She picked up Rowan from daycare, and Em and I met them over at Aldridge Gardens in Hoover.

When I got to the gardens, this is what I found....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Around the house

This is Rowan's favorite book. Home Sparkle Fun. It's shiny and crinkly.

The kitchen is probably his favorite page. The toaster and the teapot are where it's at:)
Rowan loves books right now. He crawled over to this one and just started flipping. Flipping the pages is definitely his favorite part of the whole thing.
Before he started crawling a few weeks ago, we saw a lot of this...

And now we're coming in his room at night to find this...

And dinner time has become the dogs' favorite time of the day.