Thursday, June 4, 2009

New classroom, new skills

On Monday of this week Rowan started in  a new classroom at daycare. He also got new teachers. It was pretty hard to leave him there that first day. He didn't quite seem to understand. I even shed a tear or two on my way to work. We LOVE Vicky and Felicia and Charlene. And Rowan had formed a real bond with them which is evident every time Felicia walks by the door. He starts to say "ah, ah, ah" which means he wants something, and he flails his arms and legs. It's so sweet and sad at the same time. But I think he will be ok. His new teachers are very nice. And all the other babies in the class moved up with him. So he is still with Jack, his best little buddy at school. Jack's mama and I have both had a very hard time with this transition, though;) 

On another note, Rowan has been really working on crawling, but last night he got on his knees, pushed up off my leg, and stood up. THEN he balanced there for around 5 seconds! ON HIS OWN! He's so wobbly that I can't imagine that he's going to be walking soon, but I don't know. It seems like every day he makes huge strides towards becoming mobile. He's almost got crawling down, but he can't quite get his legs coordinated with his arms. This morning when I was dropping him off at daycare he was sitting in the floor with Maria, one of his new teachers, when he did it again! He used her leg to stead himself while he got on his knees, then got up on his feet. He actually stood there for longer this morning than he did last night, and he looked extremely stable. We both just gasped, open-mouthed, then cheered. Anyway, exciting stuff. Just wanted to share. I think he'll be mobile (one way or another) soon...which may mean trouble for us;)


Kristi said...

I am excited for y'all! I hope he loves this new class and all he will experience with it!

Stacy Eskew said...

Such a cutie! While I'm excited for Will to be able to move himself (he seems to want to "go" on his own so much now!), I'm a little nervous for us :-) Good luck with Rowan!

Ash said...

I know! It is so exciting yet scary at the same time. We have a TON of baby proofing to do, and it'll be a whole new world for the doggies. I'm sure they will adjust, but hopefully it won't take them too long;)