Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beach Day Two

Lydia LOVED GG's chair. She spent pretty much the entire time on the beach (when she wasn't making a b-line straight for the ocean) sitting in the chair. She snacked in the chair, lounged, watched the action in the chair.

I think below she may be saying, "GG, you're in my chair!"

Rowan is so sweet to his sister. They're becoming such little buddies. He almost always shares with her.


If you look closely at Rowan's face below, you will see his mad look. It's pretty fierce. And you can't quite see my face for the bangs. haha.


 She's back in GG's chair, making herself comfortable.

Rowan and I had so much fun in the ocean.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Dancing with GG

In the morning, there was some dancing.

Lydia loves her beads. She wears them around our house, and at the beach house they had a tree full of them. She would immediately put them on and walk around in them.

First Day at the Beach

We took a wonderful trip to Seagrove with GG, Papa Quinn, and Emily. We had so much fun at the beach.

Lydia strolled around in her hat (for about 5 seconds before ripping it off).

She played in the ocean with GG.

Rowan got a little upset about not getting to go in the ocean later on (it got a little too rough).

He's explaining to Em why we need to go into the ocean.

I noticed at the beach he's looking down most of the time (playing in the sand, looking at the waves), so I was glad when a helicopter flew over.

Sorry for the foggy camera and lens. It was a bit humid on the beach.

The jellyfish got Emily's feet (not really).

She likes to have her shoes on (or Rowan's shoes in this case). She will bring her shoe to you and say, "Dare you go!" and hand you the shoe that she wants put on her foot. Then she'll raise her little foot up for you.

She LOVED GG's chair. She wanted to sit in that chair the whole time we were at the beach. She would sit and drink her juice and eat her goldfish like a happy little lark.

Rowan has gotten really helpful and carried something up from the beach most times. He carried the umbrella by himself quite a long way from the beach.