Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

We had a visit on the 4th from Grammy and Pop-pop. It was a nice visit, and Grammy brought some pretty cute little t-shirts for the kids. These are the only two pictures I really got of them. I waited until it got too dark to take more.

We started the day with the hose.

When you see this face below, things have gotten out of control, and you are about to get sprayed.

So pleased after he had sprayed me (fortunately missing the camera).

We then moved on to the "sprinkler guy" as Ro calls it.

Grammy and PopPop arrived. We had a lovely lunch, and then Ro and PopPop played with trains.

Lydia enjoyed PopPop's visit too.

Ro and Clarence disappeared into the kitchen. Then out ran Pirate Rowan. Clarence had made him an eye patch.

His escape -

Grammy brought Rowan some little cars. He played and played with those for hours that afternoon.

(I couldn't resist his cute little feet. They are getting so big)

The Dread Pirates, Specht

The wooden sword says, "Prince Clarence". It was Clarence's when he was a little boy.

Back to the cars again...

It was a very lovely day! Thanks Grammy and PopPop for your visit.

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