Monday, July 23, 2012

More Water Fun

Who knew we could have so much fun with the hose and a bucket.

Rowan sprayed Daddy.

Daddy turned the bucket upside down,

but he missed Rowan!

Rowan sprayed Daddy some more.

Then turned the hose onto Mommy, which led to some squealing and running away with my camera tucked under my shirt.

More bucket dumping -

Daddy got hold of the hose, so Ro ran to turn it off.

When the water was off, Clarence pretended to look at the hose to see what could've happened to the water, and then Ro would turn it on, and water would squirt Clarence in the face. Rowan thought this was hilarious.

Until Ro decided to give it a try and got water up his nose.

He was fine after a couple of minutes in Clarence's lap. Back to being silly again.

Time to turn off the water, but Rowan wasn't ready. There was some attempt to re-screw the hose back on.

There was some begging.

Finally there was some thought.

There was more thought,

and some discussion on why we needed to stay outside and continue to play in the hose. We finally convinced him that it would be more fun to go get popsicles.

So we did.

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