Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ft. Pickens/Pensacola

At Ft. Pickens we decided to go to the beach. It was the perfect day to fly our kite.


 They were looking at this Pelican (seen below behind Lydia). He got pretty close to us and was very curious. Lydia tried calling him like a dog.

It got a little cool, so we ended up putting my sweater on Lydia.

I was standing on a wall, and Rowan said, "Jump, Mommy, I'll catch you!!"
 Below is a view from our balcony (from the side). We had a corner room with a beachfront view. If you go to the beach during the winter, you get a pretty good deal on the hotel room.

We decided to ride the huge ferris wheel in Pensacola Beach (right across from our hotel). You can see from behind our heads that we were pretty high up!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ft. Pickens

A few weeks ago, we headed to Pensacola for a very quick weekend away. It was a beautiful and unseasonably warm weekend for February, so we headed to Ft. Pickens on Saturday.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning, Rowan and Lydia woke up from presents from Santa. Their stockings were full, and Santa had even left a letter back to Rowan. He was so excited to hear that he had been a good boy:) Emily came over first thing, and she came bearing gifts. Lydia saw this little doll head sticking out of the wrapping, and she immediately started reaching for it.
Kissing baby
Rowan got some pirate gear from Santa.

Em gave Ro some "Man cooks" gear for Christmas - what he calls hibachi grills.

Em gave Ro and Lydia superhero capes.


Em took this picture. I love it.


Rowan playing with his slot cars
In the late afternoon, we headed over to Grandmother's house for Christmas dinner. It's always so nice to be back at my Grandmother's house. It brings so many memories of when I was a kid, and I am glad Rowan and Lydia get to experience that too.

They were excited to see Grandaddy.

Sarah makes these wonderful calendars with old family pictures. Gene, Grandmother, and Harry were looking at the calendar together.