Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rowan in his scarf

Here's Ro in his scarf that Grammy made.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Huntsville Christmas Part Two

We had a wonderful time in Huntsville for Christmas. We did all of our usual Christmas traditions. We open gifts. We watch Muppet Christmas Carol. We eat a very delicious Christmas dinner. Below are pictures mostly from present opening.

Lydia knew just what to do.

Grammy made Lydia and me matching scarves, and Rowan said he'd love one too. So Grammy made Ro one as well, and he actually wears it all the time! I'll have to post a picture.


This was a lovely gift. It makes your voice sound funny, aaaaand it makes your voice much...much...louder;)

Grammy got some lovely earrings.

Hugs for Daddy.

Rowan got a volcano!!


Rowan in the strange, purply glow of Muppet Christmas Carol.

Lydia's roasting hot dogs over Rowan's campfire.

 Daddy's cooling them off for her;) haha.

Stocking time!

Huntsville Christmas Part One

I am about to unleash a round of Christmas pictures that nobody is going to forget.
Ha! But seriously. I have a lot of Christmas pictures.
We started our Christmas by going to Huntsville to spend the weekend with our Specht side of the family. We started the weekend out with lunch and a trip to Huntsville's children's museum, Early Works.

Lydia was amazed by the story-telling tree.
Everybody was listening to the story.

Those llittle blonde heads are Rowan and Lydie;)

Clarence did this.

Lydia on a cow.

Always looking out for sister.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fun times:)

Thinking about everybody and hope everyone is back to 100% soon. 

Alex and Liv's visit (early December)

Alex and Liv came to visit us earlier in the month of December. We had such a fun time. Here are only a few of the pictures from the weekend. I will try to post more tomorrow. I had some problems with blogger, but they seem to have been resolved by switching to a different web browser.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

I have been on vacation for over a week. Since the first day, I have found myself feeling the end approaching rapidly, and it nags at me and distracts me from enjoying what's going on around me. I have always been like this, had a case of the "Sundays." Even on Saturday, I'm filled with that dread of the end of the fun. If there should be a New Year's Resolution by me, it should be this: no more dread. I need to stop thinking about tomorrow and really carpe the diem. It is something that really affects me and ruins what free time I do have.

This morning, when I came walking into the den, the first thing I saw were these little shoes sticking out from under the curtain next to the sliding glass door. It reminded me of how much fun we had last night with our sparklers and (small) fireworks. We came in the door and immediately took off our shoes. Rowan and I had had such a wonderful day. We went to the movies together, and we went to get the fireworks. Clarence cooked this awesome dinner. I have to take every moment for what it is worth. I have to make something of every, single day. Life is good. Happy New Year!


Fun with the timer.

Here I am