Saturday, May 30, 2009

Random pictures

Just some around the house pictures. Rowan is really scooting around. He's saying dadada and starting to say nana/mama sort of. He's also starting to grab everything and trying to pull up...especially in the bathtub for some reason.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hi Daddy

Clarence, here are some pictures from tonight. We played in Rowan's room.

We took a bath - he LOVES to pull the drain plug out and then try to put it back.
We love and miss you very much! Only three more days:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was really wonderful. Em, Clarence, Rowan, and I went on a picnic. We went out to Oak Mountain, and we were going to eat in the field before the rain came, but right after we laid out our blanket, the drops began to fall.
So we moved under an awning and had a great picnic in a torrential thunderstorm;) It got a bit scary for a little while. A nice family with three children came out of the woods. They had been hiking when the rain hit and still had about half a mile to go to get back to their car. So Clarence gave them a ride the rest of the way. But as soon as he left, this giant clap of thunder hit (with the scariest lightning I've ever seen). So we huddled under the awning with a few other people who had wandered in out of the woods.

After the scary storm blew over, we enjoyed the rumbling thunder and light rain.

And then the rain finally blew over and the doggies got to enjoy running and playing in the field.

We even had this really nice picnic basket that my cousins gave us for our wedding!

Family picture with honeysuckle -

He loved when Em would be a "close talker"...

After the picnic, we decided to head to Bass Pro Shop. We had not been to the one in Leeds, and we needed a life jacket for Rowan. It was so much fun! That Bass Pro Shop is pretty cool.
Here's Rowan in one of many life jackets -

Oh how he loved all the water there. He wanted to go swimming with these fish...

Daddy, we miss you and love you.

Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday of Mother's Day weekend we went to lunch at Harry and Sarah's for a Mother's Day/Gene's birthday celebration. Before lunch, we headed North to pick some strawberries.

Here are Clarence and Rowan ready for the day!

At Harry and Sarah's, he seemed to enjoy sitting with Aunt Carley -

He's really working on the crawling. He's not quite got it down yet but he's trying:)
Unlcle Harry let him play in the sink. He LOVES water. If you turn on a sink or the bathtub (or if we pass by a fountain when we are out somewhere), he will lean and grunt and reach out to the water like it's just calling for him to splash in it. So Uncle Harry really made his day by letting him play:) His 2nd cousin (I think - or is it once removed?), Corbin, was looking on. Corbin was so sweet and helpful with Rowan.

Rowan with Aunt Sarah -Finally Rowan decided he was happy just to sit with Uncle Harry for a while and watch the party.

Maybe he's a little sleepy?

Noooo, not me, Mama


Then Saturday night when we got home we ended up at an old favorite...
Yankee Pizza

Friday, May 15, 2009

Oregon Trail

I did a little research about where Clarence is in Idaho. Man is it beautiful. Also, I'm suddenly taken back to 1987 playing Oregon Trail in the "computer lab" at school;) 

Clarence, maybe in your free time (if you have any), you could go visit some of these parks. Also, it seems you only around 4 hours from Yellowstone (very close to the Wyoming border anyway).{42C18250-B2D4-43B1-B87E-8EE569FBCAB8}&DE={72DEB69B-AF48-4363-BBAF-BD9B1F03FC57}

Thursday, May 14, 2009

We miss you, Daddy!

Clarence left on Wednesday morning. I was going to post at least one picture a day for him while he's gone, but unfortunately fate picked this time for me to get really sick with some kind of strange virus (not Strep or the Swine Flu - they checked;) Rowan had some kind of odd eye goo which we thought was pink-eye, but I don't think it was now. So I missed work Tuesday. And then being sick, I missed work Weds and Thurs too. So I'm hopefully going back tomorrow b/c my vacation time is dwindling quickly. But I haven't had much time to do anything with pictures. I'm sorry!

Anyway, Clarence, I miss you more than anything right now, and I'm not saying that just because I'm sick and need help. It's just strange here without you. I can't wait until next Friday when you come home.

Here's a picture of Rowan that I took today while we were playing in his room (well, he was playing, and I was "resting").

Love you!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Hanging out

Rowan and Em -