Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend

Saturday of Mother's Day weekend we went to lunch at Harry and Sarah's for a Mother's Day/Gene's birthday celebration. Before lunch, we headed North to pick some strawberries.

Here are Clarence and Rowan ready for the day!

At Harry and Sarah's, he seemed to enjoy sitting with Aunt Carley -

He's really working on the crawling. He's not quite got it down yet but he's trying:)
Unlcle Harry let him play in the sink. He LOVES water. If you turn on a sink or the bathtub (or if we pass by a fountain when we are out somewhere), he will lean and grunt and reach out to the water like it's just calling for him to splash in it. So Uncle Harry really made his day by letting him play:) His 2nd cousin (I think - or is it once removed?), Corbin, was looking on. Corbin was so sweet and helpful with Rowan.

Rowan with Aunt Sarah -Finally Rowan decided he was happy just to sit with Uncle Harry for a while and watch the party.

Maybe he's a little sleepy?

Noooo, not me, Mama


Then Saturday night when we got home we ended up at an old favorite...
Yankee Pizza

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