Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was really wonderful. Em, Clarence, Rowan, and I went on a picnic. We went out to Oak Mountain, and we were going to eat in the field before the rain came, but right after we laid out our blanket, the drops began to fall.
So we moved under an awning and had a great picnic in a torrential thunderstorm;) It got a bit scary for a little while. A nice family with three children came out of the woods. They had been hiking when the rain hit and still had about half a mile to go to get back to their car. So Clarence gave them a ride the rest of the way. But as soon as he left, this giant clap of thunder hit (with the scariest lightning I've ever seen). So we huddled under the awning with a few other people who had wandered in out of the woods.

After the scary storm blew over, we enjoyed the rumbling thunder and light rain.

And then the rain finally blew over and the doggies got to enjoy running and playing in the field.

We even had this really nice picnic basket that my cousins gave us for our wedding!

Family picture with honeysuckle -

He loved when Em would be a "close talker"...

After the picnic, we decided to head to Bass Pro Shop. We had not been to the one in Leeds, and we needed a life jacket for Rowan. It was so much fun! That Bass Pro Shop is pretty cool.
Here's Rowan in one of many life jackets -

Oh how he loved all the water there. He wanted to go swimming with these fish...

Daddy, we miss you and love you.


Elizabeth said...

love the pictures, Ash! and seeing you and Rowan Friday night :)

I started my NYC blog! here's the link:

Love you!

Ali said...

I want to see another pic of your HAIR! :) it looks so cute. More pics of momma for momma's day! :)