Tuesday, June 9, 2009

He's on the move!!!

I've got to write this down so that I'll remember to add it to Rowan's baby book. Yesterday at daycare, June 8 (also our friend, Allison's, birthday - Happy Birthday!!), he started crawling! That's right. He's on the move now. He's still a little rocky and squirmy, falls on his tummy, and inches like an inchworm at times, but basically he has it down. Miss Mildred told me the minute I got there yesterday to pick him up. She said, "He crawled!" She was so excited. Apparently Miss Lisa and Miss Mildred were sitting across the room and called out to him to come over to them, and he did...all the way across the room! I'm so proud of my little guy.

He's also becoming very vocal. He will repeat all sorts of sounds. The latest was hello. Right now he'll say uh-oh, baaa (like a sheep - only it sounds more like ahhhh), dada, and the latest, hello. Also if you say, "What does a doggy say?" and then pant, he pants too! It's cute:)

Yesterday we had our picture taken again by Stephanie Fisher out at Aldridge Gardens. It was actually a beautiful evening, and I think she got some cute ones. She has already posted a sneak peak on her blog. You can see them by going to the following link and clicking "blog".
It's the post, "sneak peak - Birmingham Baby Photographer" dated June 9.



Trisha said...

Aw, I missed it by just one day! Go Rowan go! Looks like the photog got some amazing snaps. What a great smile in the first one!

Ali said...

Rowan did that just for me ;) Thanks buddy!!!

I can't WAIT to see the rest of those pics-they are fabulous!