Sunday, November 1, 2009


The girls getting ready to go to our parties:)

We dressed Rowan as an Ewok for Halloween. However he did not really want to wear his hood. So, we tried to get some pictures, but they are somewhat few and far between.

Em, as her 12 year-old self, pulling Rowan's hood over his head.

We went over to Amy and Ed's (although Ed had to work) for a Halloween party. Their neighborhood is extremely popular and we had so much fun trick-or-treating and watching the kids coming up to trick-or-trick.
Rowan immediately goes to this little ball blower thing that plays music. He LOVES this toy. He and Eamon were having a good time with it.
"Please" - Rowan's favorite sign.

Evie and Amy had just gone through a "haunted house" in someone's front yard. They came out with big smiles. Evie swore it was scary, though.
Mom came into town and spent the day with us. It was a lot of fun. And it was also really fun to have her go to Amy's and trick-or-treating too:)
(unfortunately Rowan's eyes are closed here, but I don't have another picture!)
Oh yeah, I was supposed to be a tourist for Halloween.
The crowd outside of Amy's house -
Kristi and Jules (I saved the really cute one for last:)


Trisha said...

Looks like fun! Em's costume is brilliant; Rowan is the cutest little Ewok I ever did see. And that last picture makes me think I might have inspired another set of bangs? (I just converted my friend Erin.) We will take over the world... ;-)

Ash said...

Yes. K's hair is soo cute!! I just finished growing my bangs out;) I don't think I'll be going there again for a while. But love your bangs, Trish, and Kristi's are REALLY cute too!