Sunday, November 8, 2009

October Camping Trip

This post probably contains the most pictures I've ever put into a post. And that's saying a lot considering how many pictures I always put on here. I have a little bit of a problem narrowing it down.

Camping was so much fun! We went up to Guntersville for the weekend. It was beatiful and not too far of a drive.

When we arrived at the campground, we set up our site and our tents and headed over to the playground to let the little ones expend some energy.

This slide provided quite a bit of entertainment. IT WAS SCARY. It was straight down! haha. See the look on Emily's face? That says it all.

I was nervous when I got up there, and Amy grabbed my foot!!

Eamon sees the little 1970's VW vans/campers on Fred's collar.

He also made friends with these children.

We all had fun on the slide;)

Back at the batcave...

We headed over to this cave where this certain type of bat lives. Apparently there is quite the impressive show of bat at sunset, but it wasn't the right time of year. The cave was very impressive in and of itself.

It got really cold after the sun went down. So Kristi had to layer up with all sorts of things.


The only picture I got of the tent sleeping (when I was restless and obviously not tent sleeping).

Clarence bought Rowan and Eamon these glow necklaces so we wouldn't lose them in the dark.

On the pier and outside at Top O' the River -

After lunch we went to Lake Guntersville state park. We were amazed with the lodge up there. It's gorgeous!

I love this face in that hat:) He wouldn't wear it for more than a few seconds though!

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Jennie said...

Great PIctures Ash! I can't believe I had my camera too and never took it out of the bag! I am so slack! I had a really fun time on this trip!