Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin patch, park, carving pumkins (October fun)

Last weekend (Oct 18-19), we went to the pumpkin patch. It was cold, so we wrapped Rowan up in my scarf. Funny how he won't wear a hat, but he will wear the scarf.

Look how cute you are:)

We took a hayride out to the pumkin patch. Rowan seemed to really enjoy the hayride!

Rowan's proud of his pumpkin.

Sunday was beautiful, so we went to the park. Rowan slept through the trip, but Laney had a good time.

Sunday afternoon Jennie, Kristi, and Elizabeth came over, and we carved pumpkins! We had such a good time. Rowan seemed to enjoy playing in the goo. And we put him in his little pumkin outfit that his Grammy gave him.

Check out these pumpkins! From left to right:
Jennie's fall leaf, Rowan's little pumpkin (see the four little teeth?), Kristi's happy pumpkin, my pumpkin, and Elizabeth's cat.


Jennie said...

Great pictures Ash! You forgot to mention Clarence's delicious roasted pumpkin seeds! YUM! Love the purple scarf on Rowan and the Laney shots too ;)

Stacy Eskew said...

What fun! I couldn't find any "real" pumpkin patches within reasonable driving distance from here...just the church parking lot ones. Ya'll are such an adorable family!

Ali said...

Looks so fun! Hoooray for festiveness!

Ash said...

Thanks, Stacy:) We had great fun! If you ever want to come down for pumpkin patching, we know of a few good ones;)