Friday, October 9, 2009

October begins with Oxfordfest

We headed home to Oxfordfest to visit with family. Olivia and Twyla had a booth at the festival for their church.

We did some playing, and some walking. Rowan loved playing with Olivia and Em.

A Girl Scout made this below. It was huge and made from bottle caps as an example of what isn't capable of being recycled. It was a suggestion to find other ways to re-use things you can't recycle.

The tent says, "Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility". Apparently this is not your normal country crafts fair;)

Apparently these suits are donned several times a day to go in and detect nerve gas? I don't know. I think this was supposed to make us feel better about the facility. But if you didn't actually go into the tent, the only thing you really notice is this.....

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