Sunday, December 7, 2008

Weekend fun

We had a wonderful weekend. I'm just so sad it's over already.

Friday night we went to get our Christmas tree. I have a little video of that for later. But first Saturday. Mom and Quinn came by for a visit and to watch the Alabama game. Quinn's an Alabama fan since he went to school there, so he and Rowan watched for a short while together. However, we don't want Rowan cheering for Alabama for too long.

Then there's a picture of me with Rowan. I realized I don't have many of those.

We have this little seat called a Bumbo seat. Today I put Rowan in, and he really seemed to like it. He very much enjoys being able to look around at everything, and he seemed to enjoy this for that reason. But I didn't leave him in for too long.

Rowan loves to listen to you talk. He will stare right into your eyes and listen to every word you say. Certain words or phrases will make him smile and even laugh. He loves when Clarence says, "Mule"...who knows? Also he likes when I make certain sounds and exaggerated voice and facial features, like "Ba, ba, ba" or when I ask, "Do you have a dirty diaper?"

Playing with Daddy:)

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Ali said...

Love the new pics Ashley! He is growing so much everyday it seems. He has an awfully loving home there!!!!!

Miss y'all!