Sunday, February 22, 2009

Messin' Around

We got home early enough for there to still be some light in Rowan's room. So we decided to take a couple of pictures (which turned into about 100, as usual).

He loves those feet these days;)

I love those eyelashes!

Jennie gave me my hat:)

He looks so grown up in those pictures. Funny how in this one below (without the hat), he's back to being a little baby:)


Jennie said...

Love the pictures Ash!

noreading said...

That last picture needs to be framed!!

My Endo Journey said...

He is looking so much like think? The ones in the hats did!!!

Elizabeth said...

that last picture is HILARIOUS!
he's getting to be so big! i hope i can hang out with you guys again soon.