Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September pictures

Here are some pictures to sum up the last few weeks. You may notice that some of these pictures are very dark. That is because there hasn't been much light due to the fact that it has done nothing but RAIN. For weeks now. I'm sure everyone reading this has been utterly rejoicing at the last few days. Sunshine! Crisp, fallish weather! Bright blue skies!!! It's amazing. I love this time of year.

Here are Eamon and Rowan playing in Eamon's kitchen at his grandmother, Mama Marie's, house. Last weekend we all went to watch the Auburn game, and the boys had the best time playing. Thank you, Mrs. Guess, for having us all over:) We always love visiting. It's like home away from home at the Guess house.

Rowan and Daddy one morning...

Grandaddy, Gran T, Olivia, and Alex - Rowan LOVES this push toy. He pushes it all over the house. He even puts little small toys on it (as if it is a cart) and pushes it around. And he'll climb up on it as if it's a scooter (or a Segway...hehe).

Dog rear-ends are showing up in so many of my pictures these days;)

Laney and Bella all snuggled up...

Friday night we went to the Greek Festival. Dad and Twyla met us there, and it was fun (although extremely crowded and hot inside due to the rain chasing everyone in). Rowan's started pumping his little fist to music when he hears it. It's pretty cute. He seemed to really enjoy the music at the Greek festival (and the food too!).
He's a pretty adventurous eater. Along with Greek food, we also discovered last night that he seems to very much enjoy Indian food (curry and rice and Naan bread is right up his alley). I don't have pictures, but I just wanted to write that down. I know kids usually go through a phase where they won't eat anything but grilled cheese or something, but for now, we're really enjoying his adventurous tastes:)
Sunday night we had some friends over for dinner. It was lots of fun. Thanks, guys, for coming over. And it was so great to see you, Trish!!!

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Trisha said...

Yay! I loved seeing you guys, and eating Clarence's spaghetti (yum). xo