Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rowan's bike!

Rowan got a bike for Christmas this year. He was ready to ride and put on his helmet. We went out in the rain on Christmas Day to ride for a little bit. One surprise is how much of a dare devil he has been on the bike. He rode through the yard, over the monkey grass, through mud puddles, and down the hill at full speed.

Over New Year's weekend, we went to the church parking lot up the hill, and Rowan had a blast on the bike. We realized right off that he was wanting to go off the curb on his bike, so Clarence taught him how to do it (he has the training wheels on...may try to take them off when he's a little taller).

Before we knew it, he was going off the curb unassisted (well with Clarence closeby).

And boy was he excited about it!

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Trisha said...

he looks so happy on the bike! LOve this.