Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve my Mom & Quinn, Aunt Rita & Mike, Emily, and Aunt Kathi all came over to our house to celebrate and enjoy being together.

Rowan had the best time playing with Papa Quinn and Mike. They were out in the yard half the day because it was beautiful and unseasonably warm that day.

Rita and Lydia:)

Presents under the tree...we think next year we will do Christmas Eve gifts in the living room and Christmas morning gifts (from Santa) in the den.

GG and Rowan stuck in Mom's necklace.

Kathi and Lydia:)

Rowan helping set the table for Christmas Eve dinner -

Santa Claus usually rides on a Hoover Fire Truck all around the neighborhood on Christmas Eve. Unofortunately this year he did not ride past our house. We waited (nervously)...

and we waited...

In the end, we decided to go in and read Christmas stories before bed. We read Twas the Night before Christmas and then we were reading the Nutcracker when...

And that was all she wrote for Christmas Eve....

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