Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

Rowan woke up early Christmas morning. He was very groggy, and it took him a few minutes to get excited about things.

I know he will probably kill me for posting his picture with Lydia's little pacifier in his mouth. We need to work on getting rid of it, but for now...there it is.

Look at all those presents...

 He got lots of art supplies, and he was very excited about that.

and a Curious George puzzle (in a lunch box). He has a Thomas the Tank Engine one just like it, and he loves it!

Emily gave him this game called "Go Away Monster." It's very age-appropriate and a lot of fun.

Lydia got lots of scrinkly, crunchy, chewy toys -

Rudolph -

Probably the biggest present of all were the radio-controlled helicopters that Clarence and Rowan got.

Also quite fun was this cardboard spaceship. It was huge put together!

We had delicious strada for breakfast that morning. This is a Specht family tradition that we have carried on in our smaller Specht household.

Emily comes over in the wee hours of Christmas morning, and Rowan LOVES it!!

Rowan just couldn't keep his hands off the helicopters;) -

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Trisha said...

I love Ro's mischievous glances! Glad you had a nice family Christmas.