Sunday, May 9, 2010

Merlefest Fun with Family

Hi Family. We had so much fun at Merlefest. I'll have to break up the trip into a few different posts.

We actually spent quite a bit of time at the campsite this year since I was supposed to take it easy, and boy did I! Clarence, Rowan, and I spent a whole day relaxing and just playing around.

Here is Rowan making coffee. The first day we were there, Clarence decided to make coffee on the hood of the car because he was concerned about it falling over on Rowan. Later in the trip Rowan decided he wanted to make coffee too, so he grabbed the pot and kept trying to put it on the hood. Man, if you ever need to entertain a toddler, try a percolator (preferably not in use;). Rowan played with that thing for hours.

Nap time. Pop pop, Clarence, and Rowan all sound asleep....
Here's our campsite (and me). We camp in style. We also have two tents here. Thanks, Amy and Ed for letting us borrow yours!! It was much more spacious.

Rowan's holding the hair dryer and brush that Aunt Jean let him take home. He loved to play with Aunt Jean. He just played and played when we visited their RV. She was so sweet and bought him stickers and glow sticks and he had a ball playing with those at night during the festival.

Grammy took him on a walk here.

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