Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Festival

We didn't spend as much time at the festival as we have in years past. But we still got to see some pretty good shows. Here are Clarence and Rowan on the bus on the way to the festival. Rowan LOVED the bus. He would get so excited every time we'd start walking to the bus stop shouting, "BUS! BUS!" And one night after two of the buses died, and we had to wait at the festival for 45 minutes, he kept the crowd entertained by getting really excited about all the buses that were coming and going. He was one of the only ones in a good mood about the whole thing (except Clarence and me - we were enjoying watching him). ;)

Part of the band Wylie and Wild West -
Here's Wylie - Wylie's claim to fame? The "Yahoooo" at the end of Yahoo commercials. That's right.

Here is Great Big Sea. They're from Newfoundland, and they sing traditional Newfoundland songs and some new songs of their own. They put on a really good show too! Lead singer is really funny.

Here's Cadillac Sky on the cabin stage- one of my favorites from this year.

Rowan with a mouthfull of Goldfish.

Can you spot Pop pop and Rowan?

They have the Little Pickers area for kids. Very cute. Lots of activities. I'm sure as Rowan gets older this will be one of his favorite spots.

I've been spotted..

Daddy tickling Rowan's feet trying to get the sand off.

Here was Rowan's favorite activity. Painting.

Here's where we start to get off course....

He's quite the artist! :)
Poor thing. We had to finally drag him away.

Here's Bearfoot from Alaska -

Who's that guy in the white sports coat? Steve Martin! And he was good...and hilarious. Is it me, or is he looking straight at the camera?

Now the guy from the Steep Canyon Rangers is looking straight at the camera.

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