Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last of the beach scenes

We had a really wonderful time at the beach. It was our family vacation as well as Rowan's first trip to the beach. He seemed interested in the beach, but he also got an ear infection while we were there. We spent Monday night at an Urgent Care, and by Wednesday he was feeling almost back to normal.

So he may have enjoyed the sand and surf a little more had he been feeling alright. He tolerated the sand and seemed to actually enjoy the surf, although I think that was a little scary. I think he will really love it next year.

He had an awesome time playing with his cousins, Bobby and Michael. He really seemed to like Michael a lot. He also had fun with his Aunt Liv and her friend, Madison, who came with us. And the rest of the family, he loved too.

We had a really wonderful time, and we can't wait to go back:)

Emily's showing him the sand-

One minute we were like this...
and the next, we were like this.

Family beach picture -

He always held one foot up when in the sand:)

Ok, enough already -


Jennie said...

Great Pictures Ash! I love the family shot too!

azylee said...

Looks like yall had a great time.