Thursday, August 6, 2009

Evie and Rowan

Monday night we went over to Amy and Ed's to visit with Rae, Nathan, and the girls. The girls love to play with Eamon and Rowan, and the boys seem to love them too. I'm glad we're not to the cootie stage yet. Let's hope we actually never get to the cootie stage. That would be nice, right? :)

Evie is really great with the babies. She watched as he was holding my fingers and walking around the house. Then I came around the corner to find this (below). What a sweet girl! Well, they are all three sweet girls:)

It was great to see you all Monday night! Amy, thanks for letting me use your camera and for sending me these pictures.

Clarence, I hope these will count as your pictures for the day since the camera/computer connection is still messed up at home. We love and miss you!

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