Thursday, April 9, 2009

The park

Yesterday after work, Rowan and I met Daddy over at Emily's house in Cahaba Heights. We took a walk down the street to the park, and Rowan went on the swing and "played" at the park for the first time! Thankfully Daddy has a pretty good camera phone on his Blackberry, so we got a few pictures. 

Here's one of Rowan on the swing (note the blanket stuff in front of him to make sure he didn't slide down or bump his face).  

Emily took him down the slide. Actually, she slid down first with him in her lap, but we didn't get a picture. But here she is sliding him down "by himself". 

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My Endo Journey said...

OMG, he looks so happy! He's definitely a Specht-loving the outdoors!!!!