Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Easter Weekend

Saturday Grandmommy playing with Rowan -

Easter morning we woke up to this view. The mist over the water was so peaceful and beautiful. I had to go outside to enjoy it for a while.

I was taking this picture, when I noticed something...See the goose tracks?

Rowan was just waking up when I came back inside.

We went to Mom and Quinn's church in Gadsden, and it was a very nice service. They also have a wonderful garden at the church where we spent some time after. We had lunch there as well and some very delicious food.

Grammy (Specht) made this Easter bib for Rowan and sent it to us so. Actually she made two and they are adorable! See?
Back at Mom's, we got out of our Easter clothes and got comfortable.
Here is the other bib that Grammy Specht made for Rowan!
Auntie Trisha came to visit on Sunday after we got back to Birmingham. We were so glad that she came by!


Rae said...

I think that might just be too much cuteness in one post Ash. I love his big grin when he was on the bed. And the bunny outfit? Precious!

Ali said...

I agree-cuteness overload! He is such a handsome boy!!!

Stacy Eskew said...

Happy Easter! Ya'll are all looking great!!

Heather said...

What great pics!!! I love the hat:)

Ash said...

Thanks, guys:) I have been very much enjoying looking at your blogs as well:)

Trisha said...

love the pictures of the lake! And the baby of course. Auntie Trish enjoyed hanging out with you too. :)