Saturday, November 3, 2012


This year we went to Em's house in Forest Park for trick-or-treating. We began the evening with dinner outside on Emily's patio. Rowan loves the mail slot on her house (and so does Lydia).

We got our costumes on...

The zookeeper

and the lion

We set out down the sidewalk and ran into one of Lydia's classmates from school, Cecelia. So cute. She saw Lydia and immediately said, "Ya-Ya!" (which is what she calls Lydia), but Lydie didn't recognize her b/c of her costume. haha.


We saw all kinds of interesting decorations.

Afterward we went back to Em's and ate candy!

Lydia was laughing and laughing. Rowan loves to hear her laugh, and he starts laughing. So sweet:)