Saturday, October 6, 2012


Lydia loves baby dolls. She'll snuggle them. She'll shush them. She's so affectionate.
 She is so sensitive, but she's also so industrious. She will focus on figuring out how things work, tinkering with things until she gets it right. It's interesting how well she can put things together. She's getting so verbal. She talks all the time. We need to get more video of her, but her language is suddenly taking off. She says all sorts of words. She's been saying Mommy, Daddy, Brother/RoRo, and "more" (mo) for a while now. But she's added things like shoes, nose, toe, baby, Emam (for Emily), GG, cheese (when smiling for the camera). Before bed, she tells everyone, "Night-night!" She'll wave and blow kisses on her way to her room.

Where's Lydia? Where is she?

There she is!

Where's Daddy?

We spent the morning bumming around.

We spent the afternoon at the Bluff Park Art Show. It was fun, but exhausting for RoRo.

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