Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rowan the Imaginative

His imagination has gone wild these days. Though, we got this idea below from Amy. Eamon was so sweet when we were visiting last night. He wanted to give Rowan something. So he gave Rowan a Lightning McQueen car. Amy suggested we take the sidewalk chalk and draw a racetrack. And so that's how we spent the beautiful morning.

Poor little beat-up guy. Some mosquitos got ahold of his face, and the pavement got ahold of his knee.

Then he found some party decorations (still floating around in my car from his birthday). So he wanted things to be festive (and continued to want to be festive for most of the day today).

Later we moved on to pouring soapy water. Always a favorite activity. He could transfer water from one container to another for most of an hour if uninterrupted.

 Decorating the car.

Playing some ball...

Reaching into the sky.

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