Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Random Sunday

Lydia napped the morning away.

We went to the Trucks at the Tracks. It was fun, but a wee bit hot, and the lines were long. We enjoyed spending time with the Walsh's, Jennie, and Kristi, though!

After that we went to eat popsicles.

He's being Vulcan. He frequently pretends to be Vulcan.

Lydia's pop is technically the one on the right, but she wanted Daddy's too.

Then, as if we hadn't had enough heat and exercise, we decided to go to the zoo for a little while.

About 90% of the time, Rowan is in lion form. See pictures below of roaring.

 Lydia thinks it's pretty funny, and she roars too!


Whoa! I don't know what he was looking at.

We ran into Rowan's friend from school, and it poured rain. They played and played in the little safari cafe area, and then we did some puddle splashing.

At dinner, he had his first "gum chewing." He was so excited about it, he wanted me to document it.

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