Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Merlefest 2011

Merlefest is always so much fun. This year we got off to a rough start with storms in Alabama. As we left the state, the tornados rolled in and left in their path massive amounts of destruction. The worst in my lifetime. The only hard part this year was feeling sadness and concern for family back home.

But on to the festival:

Below is the Emmitt-Nershi Band (The guy on the far right is from String Cheese Incident, and the other guy in the middle is from Leftover Salmon)

 This is the Hillside Stage - the most precarious in my opinion as it's on a steep hill

Rowan fell asleep with Daddy during many a show

This is the Wayback's album hour (again at the Hillside Stage). Joan Osborne sang with them as they covered the Allman Brothers' "Eat a Peach". It was really good...

 and crowded.

Every year we camp at the wastewater treatment plant, now known as "Sewerfest". It's actually quite pleasant with lush green grass and nice bathhouses (no smell at all). It's run by the Wilksboro Fire Department. At night everyone gathers around the various campfires and plays music, sings, relaxes. It's such a neat atmosphere. Saturday night we chose not to go to the festival and just strolled around looking for music at our campground.

Below are the ceilings of the shuttle buses we ride to and from the festival. They are old school buses. Someone camping on the ridge of the treatment plant, put up a large sign with colorful lights that said, "Vista Poopay"...see writing below, "Having a Ball on Vista Poopay!"

Also see below where it says, "Spechts" with all the years the Specht family has been coming. '11 was added this year.

Fun with Andrew....

Here's Lyle Lovett. He was my favorite (aside from the Hillside Album Hour).

Here's Aunt Jean and Uncle Kyle. I'm so glad Rowan was able to spend time with them again this year. He really loves to play with Aunt Jean and Uncle Kyle. Aunt Jean brought him goodies every time she visited.

Rowan taking a walk with grandpa.


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