Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sick Rowan

Today I am at home with Rowan because he is sick. It looks like it's just a virus and will have to take it's course, but yesterday when we went to the pediatrician, he said, "Mommy, I have a cold!" And when we were waiting to see the doctor, I was describing what the doctor was going to do, and he said, "How do we get it out?" So I said, "How do we get what out?" and he said, "My cold."

I admit that it has been wonderful to be at home with him all day. All this time we have together, snuggling up on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We have probably watched 20 episodes today (we have them recorded).

I had a brief stomach-ache, and I said, "Hmm, my tummy hurts," and he said, "I feel it better!" and he got me a band-aid. He is so sweet.

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