Monday, July 26, 2010

The deer

Text conversation from this morning:

Emily: Hey, Ash....The deer is all gone!
Me: The door?
Emily: He's probably in the barn...Or washing a boat. He likes to stay busy.

At grandaddy's house is one of those fake deer used as a target for bow shooting. Everyone who lives in East Alabama is required to have one of these deer. If you do not have one, you are probably a "yankee" or a "yankee wannabee".  Anyway, Rowan was terrified of this deer. So terrified that Olivia decided she was going to get rid of the thing. She wrestled it and tore it's head off because she is a warrior princess. Ever since, every time he goes to grandaddy's house, he asks, "Deer? Deer is all gone?" And we reassure him that, yes, it is all gone. For some reason at the beach, he kept talking about the deer. On the porch outside near the pool, he pointed out to the sand dunes, and it was always, "Deer is all gone!" immediately followed by, "Door. Door. Barn."So he went through a door. Or he was in the barn. Then he started talking about the deer as we were riding down the road. We passed a guy washing his boat, and he said, "Deer. Wash.....boat". haha. The deer was everywhere we went.

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