Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our New House

I keep meaning to post pictures of our new house, but I thought maybe I could wait until some things were on the walls, etc. But, since it looks like that time isn't going to come anytime soon, here are some pictures to get started.

It's just your typical 60's square block house (built in 1963). But the surrounding and the neighborhood is really awesome. We are LOVING it here. There is a playground not even two blocks up our street and a community swimming pool. There is great walking and a sense of community. There are some shops and a hamburger place up the hill. Lots to do and a huge back-yard, and birds singing in the trees. It's wonderful:) Rowan's loving the yard and the back deck. The dogs are loving all their room.

Here's the outside. I admit, not much to look at. But I have great plans! :)

There's a great front porch -

The entryway (love the bamboo floors) - and a bathroom at the end of the hall-

Rowan's room -

Here's the kitchen and breakfast area. I love the brick floors -

Here's the den and sliding glass doors to the deck and the backyard -

More den (sorry for the mess and dogginess) -

I'll post some pictures of the deck and the backyard later. I also didn't put pictures of the living room, dining room, mud room, garage, or our bedroom and bathroom b/c they are all either really messy or full of boxes. But I'll try to get some on soon so we can do some before and after type of thing.


Ali said...

I LOVE it Ash! So much character and the neighborhood sounds lovely. Hope to come see it soon!

Mandy said...

So glad you are enjoying your new house so much! Your neighborhood sounds very similar to the one we just moved to last week, so I also understand your living around boxes situation :)