Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Morning:)

Hi Dad! Em said that you wanted some new pictures Rowan being cute;) So here are some from just this morning. I was playing with my camera and Rowan was the willing (or unknowing) subject.

Here he is playing with the door. He says, "Hi," when he opens the door and, "Bye-bye," when he closes it. And he will open and and and close;)

p.s. check out those fuzzy slippers his Grammy gave him for Christmas.

After playing with the door, he decided the floor was pretty dirty and needed to be scrubbed.

Rowan and Bella - puppy love:)

Ok, he's had enough -
Rowan decided that he was pretty tired, so he laid his head on Daddy's chest, looked at him for a few seconds, and that was it. He was sound asleep. He slept like that for quite a while.

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Rae said...

Just adorable! I love how kids think it's fun to clean.