Sunday, January 31, 2010

Christmas Part II

On Christmas Eve we headed up to Huntsville. We watched A Christmas Carol and then the Muppet Christmas Carol...both very good. There is a traditional argument on whether or not we should watch the old George C. Scott version or the muppet version. Both have their merits. I do love the muppets though;)

After movies and naps, we had a wonderful Christmas Dinner and then opened the first round of presents.

The ornaments on the tree in the Specht household all have their special meanings or memories associated with them. This ain't your mama's Christmas tree...or maybe it is if you're Clarence;) This year, I got my own ornament from Shannon (a cute little owl) to hang on the tree. It was very sweet.

The Christamas Dinner...Grandpa looks pretty excited -

and so does Rowan -

Present opening -

Rowan loved this little thing I got from one of the toy sales at daycare. It made a good Christmas present -

Grammy showed him how to use it -

The horse was also a big hit -

Andrew gave this painting to his Grandma. He painted it himself!

Grandpa on his way to Midnight Mass -


Christmas morning and more present opening -

We had a wonderful time. Thank you so much!

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