Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last weekend (March 20-22)

Last weekend Clarence had to go to Savannah for a very sad occasion, a funeral. We would've liked to have been able to go and be with family, but that was a long way to go in one day with Rowan only 6 months old, so we were sorry we couldn't be there:(

Rowan and I headed up to Mom's house on Friday after work and "school". It is a pretty drive. This was the view out the window of my car (yes, Mom, I did pull over - I promise I don't take any pictures while driving;).
Saturday we relaxed around the house, enjoying the view. We went to the fabric store, went to downtown Gadsden and had some desserts at a little coffee shop.

Before we left, Rowan had a nice time hanging out on Mom's bed. Check out how good he's gotten at sitting up all by himself.

Blue eyes. My baby has blue eyes. You can see them in the picture below. Actually they are sort of gray, green and blue. I don't know if they are going to change now.

Look at this chubby face and those chins! But all he really wanted to do was to see what Grandmommy was doing.
Saturday afternoon we left Mom's house and headed down to Oxford to see Dad and family. We had a lovely dinner outside to enjoy the warm weather. Then we went inside for another riveting game of Scrabble. It was lots of fun.
Sunday Daddy came home, and we spent a lot of time outside.
Signs of spring...


Aww, two of my sibs:)

Rowan was happy to see Daddy... and his sunglasses.

Emily was so colorful!

This one looks like the pose for a senior portrait.


Trisha said...

Those are some really good pics of the family Ash! And I like Clarence's new haircut. Rowan looks like such a big boy sitting up all by himself. Aw. Give him a kiss from me.

Ali said...

Yeah, I like his new do as well! Wonderful pics. Keep em coming!!!! Rowan is such a doll!!!