Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I felt like I needed to write down how much I appreciate where Rowan goes to play everyday while I'm at work. I miss him very much, but feeling good about where he is when we're away makes it much easier to leave him.

I love how involved they are with the babies at our center. They allow them to interact with the older children. They read books, try new things - like pouring water on their hands or letting them sit on the side of the sink to stick their feet in, painting pictures (with paintbrushes or their feet), going on strolls around the city, and all sorts of other adventures.

Rowan was in another daycare before this one, and it broke my heart to leave him there. They never really interacted with the babies besides changing diapers or feeding bottles. I didn't feel that they were forming any sort of bond with the children.

Vicky, Felisha, and Charlene are wonderful teachers. They seem to actually be forming a bond with Rowan, and I'm so happy for that. I want them to love him and for him to love them and be secure and happy during the day. That is the best thing for him.

Part of why I write this blog is so we can remember all the little things that happened during these first years. I want Rowan to remember these women who are, most definitely, a huge part of his life.

Rowan has especially seemed to bond with Vicky. She's the smiling face who greets us when we come each morning. She tells me all about what they did the day before. Today she gave me a picture she had taken of Rowan when he fell asleep playing. It was precious. Other days we get "artwork" or pictures the babies "painted". And at the end of the year, we'll get a scrapbook so we can see what all they've done.


Ali said...

I'm so thankful you found the new place Ashley! It sounds WONDERFUL! Can I go there too? Sounds fun!

Heather said...

He's getting so big! I'm glad that you've got a great daycare :)

letsgorideabike said...

I'm so glad you feel happy about where you leave him during the day, Ash! Sounds like a wonderful environment.

xo Trish