Tuesday, March 3, 2015

50th Anniversary Party

This weekend we celebrated 50 years of marriage for Fran and Clancy. For the party, a chef from Huntsville/Nashville came in and cooked a five course meal.

We started with a fruit plate
Rowan really enjoyed watching her prepare the food.


Uh-oh...not the finger! Don't mess with her cheese plate.



The Beef Wellington before it went into the oven



Candle light dining

Beef Wellington after, and it was delicious!


Baked Alaska was for dessert.


We were all thrilled when it was confirmed that a blow-torch would be involved...and that we could "help" with that part.

Rowan wanted to pose with the guests of honor.

Many tales were told about their young marriage together, their time in Spain. It was so nice to hear the stories.

Lydia took this picture. :)


Happy Anniversary!! We love you.

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Trisha said...

Aw, this is so sweet. I recognize your handwriting on the chalkboard! Beef Wellington is a tricky thing to make (at least, that's what Gordon Ramsay tells me) but it sure looks beautiful! Rowan's "pose" with the guests of honor cracked me up. And Lydie didn't look so sure about that blowtorch, ha.