Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow Days

On the third day of our three days at home due to possible snow and ice, we had snow. We got all bundled up and went out first thing in the morning (before breakfast) to play.
Lydia felt like she needed her backpack for playing in the snow.

Rowan only wanted to throw the snow at us.

Oh, and snow angels..

and Lydia must do everything her brother does.

We collected snow for snow-cream! It was delicious.

I should say that Rowan collected snow. Lydia had a little snack.

 Bella had a great time in the snow. She was playing like a puppy and following us all over the yard.

At one point, Bella forgot that she was 10 yrs old, and she took off running at full speed across the yard. I haven't seen her run like that in years! Managed to get a picture, but it is a smidge blurry and overexposed. Wasn't expecting her to go flying off through the snow!

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