Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend at Home

When Lydia gets out of the bathtub, she likes to get all snuggled up in a towel.When we point to her in the mirror and say, "Who's that?" she says, "Baby!"

They played dress up all morning Saturday. First Rowan was the lion. I left the room, and when I came back in, Lydia was struggling to get into the lion costume. She makes such a cute, little lion.

Clarence snoozed in his hammock.

When I first looked at this picture, there was something so sweet about it. Then I realized that it was this -

Daddy's big hands and Lydia's tiny ones.

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Trisha said...

They are so cute! Can't stand it. Looks like a fun weekend! I am glad you are enjoying your deck and backyard; they're both so nice!